Dr. Elephant

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Who is Dr. Elephant?

About me:
13 years old Linden New Jersey, 8th grade home room everything changed. The principal’s announcements started. In my binder and book bag I had half a gram of cocaine and a gram of weed all bagged up. Punjabi kid, 13 years old, drug dealer. I had heard the D’s were in the building. I asked my home room teacher to let me use the bathroom so I can stash my shit. I ain’t make it. Announcements ended, cops walk in and my ass was cuffed. That started it all. A lower middle class Indian kid arrested for drug possession with intent to distribute in a school zone.

That’s where the raps and bars started. Home life was bullshit. Abuse and neglect was all around, so like any kid would have I went to the first place that loved me back, the ‘block’. Countless stories. Countless mistakes, and many years spent playing the good bad guy in the streets. It wasn’t pushing my music forward. I decided to leave the addictive street life alone and go to college so I could get myself out of the block life into a better situation for me and my music. This is where I became an imaging technician and ultimately, Dr. Elephant.

All the shit that happened between the day of my first arrest, to the day of the doc all chronicled in my music. The pain, defeat, learning and journey. The classically trained musician who spent 10 years teaching me black music. The women who betrayed me. The friends who died and the brothers incarcerated. The Indian community who judged and exiled. The few who tried to end my life to the ones that loved. From Jersey to Atlanta to Nashville to LA. Walk with me. It’s all here, press play.

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Study Hall

  • 1. Blicker Moves
  • 2. BreadBOSS
  • 3. Dreamin
  • 4. Easy Things
  • 5. For X
  • 6. Go Time
  • 7. Im On
  • 8. Regin
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Punjabi Reject Vol. 1

  • 1. Feelin Different
  • 2. gold Empire
  • 3. Honda 2 da bach
  • 4. Now you know
  • 5. She got plans
  • 6. Spotlight
  • 7. Topic
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Nasty Boys

  • 1. 0-100
  • 2. Burn
  • 3. Da plan
  • 4. Im looter
  • 5. Jeff Hamilton
  • 6. Letter 4 Her
  • 7. Public Announcement
  • 9. UnStoppable
  • 10. WaRning
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The Stampede Part II

  • 1. Beatle Flo
  • 2. Cheaterz
  • 3. Fun Wit It
  • 4. High King
  • 5. I_M Gucci
  • 6. Im NEXT
  • 7. Listenin
  • 8. Opening Statements
  • 9. Slippin
  • 10. Sunny LA
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The Stampede Part I

  • 1. Taj Mahal Wave
  • 2. Slick Talk
  • 3. Sticky Situation
  • 4. Pop Dat
  • 5. Night And Day
  • 6. New thug Ministry
  • 7. Life After Deaf
  • 8. I Aint U Freestyle
  • 9. Heat
  • 10. 90's Kidz
  • 11. Taj Mahal Drip Part 1 (Album Track)
  • 12. First Arrest (Freestyle Cover Beat)
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